Eliminate zamak and aluminum
die-cast scraps with Formula Foundry

In some cases there is a high probability of having a high waste, uncontrolled or erratic production.Il problema dello scarto di fonderia

The problem of waste

In today's world of foundries, only 30% of the potential of the machines is exploited, because there are no tools capable of making those who design the mold and those who regulate the press communicate. In some cases there is a high probability of having a high waste, uncontrolled or erratic production.

In Italy alone there are more than 800 foundries producing aluminium castings (about 90%) and zamak (about 10%).
Problems can often occur in the management of the production process.

Graph going down

Quality of casting pieces

High production rejects

High foundry and energy costs

Low production rates

Formula Foundry

Get to know Formula Foundry

Formula Foundry S.r.l. is an innovative research and development startup, which aims to:

  • Create skills for people working in the diecasting sector with training activities
  • Design and create production calculation, regulation and monitoring systems based on scientific rules

The Formula Foundry software is based on a patented process after years of research and development, and allows to design, regulate and monitor the die casting process.

Formula Foundry: the original software to design, manage, regulate and monitor the production of die casting machines




Design or enter the process parameters of your mold

1. Design or enter the process parameters of your mold optimizing its efficiency, part quality and production costs.

  • Enter the production parameters of your company
  • Let Formula Foundry guide you in choosing the best systems and process parameters for your production
Use any mobile device to connect to your foundry machine and regulate the process.

2. Use any mobile device to connect to your foundry machine and regulate the process.

Once the mold has been designed directly from the office, thanks to 4.0 technology, you can adjust the process wherever the press is located.

Monitor the process parameters directly from the machines

It is possible to prevent product non-conformities or stop the process thanks to the monitoring of working parameters

  • 3. Monitor the process parameters directly from the machines in production to verify and refine them with respect to theoretical data
  • You can monitor the injection parameters of the machine and control the process thermals

Formula Foundry Cloud is global:
you can manage your project and adjust your press
in 7 different languages:

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Español Español
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The advantages

Reduction of scrap
and molds proofing

Produce low-waste sample and monitor the process to maintain consistent quality during final production is possible.

Reduction of energy
and production costs

Improved efficiency of the foundry allows to reduce its energy and production costs, thus increasing turnover.

Ease of use

Smartphones, tablets and objects of simple and daily use can work in a coordinated manner with the presses to regulate the process without losing time.

Process stabilization

You can autonomously adjust and monitor the process directly from the machine parameters.

Increase in production speed

The production speed is increased by using the optimal solution suggesting.

Increase in quality

Greater precision allows to increase product quality and reduce part cost.

The origins of Formula Foundry

Formula Foundry’s idea was born from Roberto Camerin, a twenty-year expert in the sector, with years of experience in the die casting’s field.

Over the years, thanks to his activities directly in the field and to the technical and scientific study of process problems, he has developed the tool allowing to optimize the die-casting process on the basis of mathematical calculations.
The first activities successfully optimized led him to open his first blog dedicated to zamak, Zama Scarto Zero, followed by the second dedicated to aluminum, Alluminio Scarto Zero.

In March 2020, the process developed by Roberto Camerin obtains a patent for an industrial invention, and the development of the software that takes the name of Formula Foundry begins.

In February 2022 Formula Foundry becomes an innovative startup in die casting’s field, in which it carries out research and development, with the experience of 4 engineers who are experts in process, programming and software, management of companies and die casting applied to the foundry.

Roberto Camerin

Zama Scarto Zero

About us

Numerous satisfied customers already use Formula Foundry, implementing the process for optimizing the production processes of their foundries.
Many have joined the training program for personnel in the manufacturing’s processes fields, design or quality control.

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